Lettings and Property Management in County Durham

      Managing Properties requires experience, expertise, attention to detail and total commitment to quality customer service from an Estate Agent.

      Lettings and Property Management

      Whether you're an experienced landlord, looking to let your property for the first time or have some money you wish to invest, we've got you covered with our complete property management package which we guarantee will minimise the effort whilst still achieving the best return possible!

      Personalised Management

      Kan Move manages properties all over County Durham and the surrounding areas so you'll never doubt our management team's ability to save you money on everything from energy to insurance!

      An experienced Letting Agent is always an essential but especially now that regulations are changing so rapidly! Our agents are always at the top of their game and up to date with any amendments within the housing act. Private landlords don't always have the same access to information, and the time to keep in the know that us agents do. We often encounter horror stories of Private management due to ignorance of the law, but when you choose Kan Move there's no need to worry as we ALWAYS abide by the law!

      Property Management

      Kan Move's Property Management solutions are tailored to landlords who own residential properties and making their letting process as simple as possible! We have 2 packages popular with our landlords; Fully-Managed and Tenant Finder. Tenant Finder does exactly as it says! We will find your property the ideal tenant through our thorough evaluations and rigorous processes including; background checks, tenant agreement and more (see below). However, our most popular solution is our Fully-Managed Property Management service, this package sets you free from inventories, rent collection, legal documents and more. See below:

      DescriptionDesc Tenant FinderT/F Rent CollectionR/C Full ManagementF/M
      Tenant Finder Fee £450 NA £380
      Letting Board NA
      Advertise Online and Instore NA
      Viewings NA
      Tenant Background Check NA
      Inventory of Condition Report NA
      Tenancy Agreement NA
      Deposit Protection Housing Service £20 NA £20
      Rent Collection NA 10% of rent achieved
      Rent Monthly/Yearly Statement NA
      Organise Repairs and Maintenance NA
      Property Inspections during Tenancies NA
      Checking Tenants Out £60 NA
      EPC (energy perfomamce certificate) £90 NA £90
      EICR (electrical safety certificate) £170 NA £170
      Gas Safety Certificate & Gas Appliance service £80 NA £80
      Deposit Claim Handling £60 NA £60